Silicon Dragon Salon NY 2017

December 13, 2017 @ 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
China Institute
40 Rector St
New York, NY 10006

SD CI 17 short

Over the past decade, China tech and venture investment markets have progressed
rapidly to rival leading international hubs.  Business and technology models that
were once built on copying Silicon Valley technology are shifting to leadership and innovation, with Chinese-style bike-sharing contenders even moving to Western markets.

China’s venture capital, at $50 billion annually, has risen to U.S. levels.
And China claims nearly one-quarter of the total unicorn-financed companies,
most of them centered in Beijing. 

China’s tech and venture scene is loaded with talent, raw energy and sheer ambition
that make the Silicon Valleys of the world look downright sleepy. At the same time,
China’s government continues to wrestle with control over cutting-edge technologies
such as blockchain (think bitcoin), which some experts say will revolutionize
the way business is done.

Will China continue to lead in tech innovation, or fall victim to its own regulations?

Florian Bohnert, Head of Global Partnerships, Mobike, Beijing
Shuonan Chen, General Partner, Agile VC, Silicon Valley
Gary Rieschel, Founding Managing Partner, Qiming Venture Partners, Shanghai/ Seattle
Moderator: Rebecca Fannin, Founder/Editor, Silicon Dragon