Silicon Dragon LA 2016

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cropped Rebecca A. FanninHenry_Hsiao_Main_Final1-e1409842091344 Benett Pozil allen_debevoise_machinima
Henry Hsiao, Emerging Tech Innovations & Strategic Partnerships, Mattel
with Rebecca Fannin, Founder/Editor, Silicon Dragon

Bennett Pozil, Executive VP, East West Bank with
Allen DeBevoise, Chairman, Machinima & Managing Director, Third Wave Digital

DEALMAKER PANEL: Hollywood Meets China
Pfeiffer, cropped close Christina Chou cropped David Uslan cropped Max Epstein Bo An cropped 2
cropped Jinjiang Huang Jonathan Garrison Robert Cain
William Pfeiffer, CEO, Dragongate Entertainment
Christina Chou, Agent-Corporate Development, Creative Artists Agency
David Uslan, Partner, Uslan Entertainment
Max Epstein, VP, DMG Entertainment
Bo An, Project Manager, China Lion Entertainment Production
Jinjian Huang, Partner, Nixon Peabody
Jonathan Garrison, Senior VP, CastleHill Partners
Moderator:  Robert Cain, President, Pacific Bridge Partners

Jonah Loop lite David Levitt cropped Emma Ryan Wang cropped Adam Arrigo Everardo
Jonah Loop
, Executive Director, River Studios
David Levitt, Co-founder, Pantomime
Emma Chen, Marketing Director, Ximmerse
Ryan Wang, General Partner, Outpost Capital
Adam Arrigo, Founder & CEO, Wave
Moderator: Everardo Gomez, VP, Digital Media, East West Bank

PANEL: US-China Entertainment Content & Branding
Eric cropped Adam Roseman cropped Mark Rafalowski cropped Steven Gaydos
Eric Mika, Senior VP, LeEco
Adam Roseman, Co-founder, FansTang
Mark Rafalowski, EVP, Dick Clark Productions, International Distribution
Moderator: Steven Gaydos, Executive Editor, Variety

Cary Woodworth Jennifer Zhang Peggie Li Zhen Cao cropped Juliane Ying-Ying Lu
Cary Woodworth,
Partner, Legacy Pictures
Jennifer Zhang
, Partner, Cybernaut ZFounder Venture
Peggie Li
, Director, Audience Development, Disney Interactive
Zhen Cao, VR researcher, NYU Media Lab
Juliane Jones, Founder, Panda Corner
Moderator: Ying-Ying Lu, Writer, Silicon Dragon

Catherine Marcus Audrey

Catherine Marcus, Senior Global Real Estate Adviser, Sotheby’s
Moderator: Audrey Cavenecia, Founder, Fempire World

VIP Reception: July 26, 2016, 6pm-7:30pm
Program: July 27, 8:30pm to 12:15pm
After-Event Beach Party: July 27, 6pm – 7:30pm

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