VR Investments Keep Climbing, Shift To Sand Hill Road

VRThere’s little doubt that VR and AR are going mainsteam, leading to a fourth wave of consumer technology change fed by massive investment in the sector such as the massive $794 million round for MagicLeap in 2014.
A record $2.3 billion has been invested in virtual and augmented reality startups in the last 12 months, with the third quarter of 2016 showing the ninth straight quarter of increased investment, according to a new report by Digi-Capital, an advisory firm. Read Forbes post.
The money is flowing in primarily from Sand Hill Road venture capital firms and corporate investors. This is a shift from the specialist VCs in the VR/AR, who spearheaded the early investments.
Silicon Dragon Valley 2016 highlights VR investments.

Hillhouse joins $100 million Series C round in Mobike as bike sharing battle heats up. Sequoia Capital and Qiming Venture Partners participated in the financing.

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