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Silicon Dragon founder Rebecca A. Fannin

Silicon Dragon: news, events and research covering innovation and investment hubs in the Silicon Valleys of the world.

Silicon Dragon was formed in 2010 by Rebecca Fannin to provide insights into the world’s emerging tech innovation centers. The 30,000-strong Silicon Dragon network spans  entrepreneurs, founders, deal makers, venture capitalists, angel investors, crowd financiers, investment bankers and service providers from legal, accounting and management consulting firms.
The group publishes the weekly Silicon Dragon News, produces a podcast and videos, and hosts tech innovation and investment forums in Asia, the U.S. and Europe.
Innovation expert, author, public speaker and media entrepreneur Rebecca Fannin leads Silicon Dragon and its news, events and research.
Rebecca’s latest book, Tech Titans of China, was published globally in September 2019 by Hachette’s Nicholas Brealey Publishing. Her previous books, Silicon Dragon (McGraw-Hill, 2008) and Startup Asia (John Wiley, 2011), document the rise of a tech economy in Asia’s emerging markets and profile such leaders as Jack Ma of Alibaba and Robin Li of Baidu. Her books were translated into Chinese, Vietnamese and Arabic, and received favorable reviews from the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, China Daily and New York Times. She is a contributing author of a textbook, Innovation in Emerging Markets (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016).
See more about Rebecca’s career here, including her role as a 10-year contributor at Forbes and special correspondent at CNBC.com. Rebecca is represented by Leading Authorities in Washington, DC as a public speaker.
Rebecca began her global journalistic career as editor of the Pulitzer-owned International Business magazine. Later she was an international editor at Incisive Media in Hong Kong and at Red Herring in San Francisco. Her work has appeared in Harvard Business Review, BBC Capital, Inc., Huffington Post and The Deal. She is a key contributor to several KPMG reports on global technology innovation, and has written thought leadership papers for other multinational companies.
A media commentator and public speaker, Ms. Fannin has spoken at the World Economic Forum, Asia Society, Brookings Institution, China Institute, Harvard Club, AmCham Clubs, World Affairs Council, NASSCOM and many universities and organizations worldwide. She has appeared on CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox Business News, CCTV, CBC, Discovery Asia and Times of India channels.
In 2010, Rebecca provided expert testimony to a U.S. Congressional committee about China’s Internet.