Silicon Heartland
Transforming the Midwest from Rust Belt to Tech Belt
by Rebecca A. Fannin

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Tech Titans of China cover

Tech Titans of China

How China’s Tech Sector is Challenging the World by Innovating Faster, Working Harder & Going Global

by Rebecca A. Fannin

(Nicholas Brealey Publishing,
Hachette Book Group, September 2019)


the most complete chronicle of China’s meteoric rise in the past decade.”
Kai-Fu Lee, VC & author, AI Superpowers

Startup Asia: Top Strategies for Cashing in on Asia’s Innovation Boom


startupasiaby Rebecca A. Fannin (Author), Kai-Fu Lee (Foreword)
Find out where the new innovation hot spots are, what the next consumer waves will be, and where to catch them
Asia’s innovation hot spots are fast emerging as first-choice destinations for bright, young entrepreneurs. From Taiwan to Singapore, technology center hubs are forming to rival the original Silicon Valley. Startup Asia gives you a close-up view into the key growth trends shaping entrepreneurship in China and India, plus the new frontier market of Vietnam.

Showing how entrepreneurs and investors can start up in Asia and go global, the book provides a first-hand, on-the-ground tour of the new technology centers that are gaining momentum all over Asia. Interviews with the most successful venture capitalists and entrepreneurs reveal their winning strategies and show how a new generation of entrepreneurs in China and India are no longer looking to the West for their cues—but are instead crafting their own local business models and success strategies.

Shows entrepreneurs and investors how they can pursue their dreams of launching successful start-ups in Asia
Reveals that many of the same venture investors that first funded young businesses in Silicon Valley moved into China, then India, and are now finding their way to Vietnam
Addresses the risks of doing business in Asia’s developing markets, including lack of intellectual property protection, political and regulatory shifts, bribery, and corruption
From high-profile Forbes contributor Rebecca Fannin, Startup Asia is the essential guide for anyone looking to trek into this new frontier.


Silicon Dragon: How China Is Winning the Tech Race

howchinaby Rebecca A. Fannin (Author)

If you want to discover the Next Big Thing in technology… ENTER THE DRAGON.

You already know that China is the most populated nation on the planet. You already know about the rapid growth of its Internet and the recent development of its technologies. But did you realize that China has…

The world’s largest number of mobile phone users (500 million)

Three times as many engineering students as the United States?

A dozen more billion-dollar tech firms than the United States?
The fastest growing venture capital market in the world?

It’s time to face the facts: China is catching up to the United States as a global leader of technology–and, within a few years, may surpass every nation in the world. By modeling their new techno-based companies on successful American ones like Google and Yahoo, a new breed of entrepreneur is leading China through a second Industrial Revolution.

Financial journalist Rebecca A. Fannin traveled from Shanghai to Beijing and beyond to speak face-to-face with China’s hottest up-and-comers. For some of these young entrepreneurs, it’s their first interview with the Western press–and their first chance to introduce their companies before the stocks hit Nasdaq.

You’ll meet smart and savvy self-starters like Robin Li, who made his company Baidu in the image of Google. You’ll meet inventors and innovators like Liu Yingkui, who developed software for selling goods over cell phones, not PCs. You’ll also meet the American venture capitalists who are searching for deals every day in every corner of China.

Whether you’re an investor, entrepreneur, techno whiz, or dot-com mogul, you can make peace with the dragon–and profits, too.

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Innovation in Emerging Markets (Palgrave-MacMillan: 2016)
Contributing Author: Rebecca A. Fannin
Innovation is sweeping the globe at breakneck speed, and emerging markets are where tremendous growth and opportunity reside. Authors Jerry Haar and Ricardo Ernst delve into the forces and drivers that shape innovation in emerging markets and present case studies. Rebecca Fannin contributed the chapter on Asia.