Silicon Dragon Awards 2016 Silicon Dragon Awards 2016

Silicon Dragon Awards 2016

Presenting Top Founder, VC, Pitch & Exit 
November 17, 2016

Grace Yun Xia, Tencent China
Melissa Guzy, Arbor Ventures
James Mi, Lightspeed Venture
Edith Yeung, 500 Startups
Jeffrey Chi, Vickers Venture
Chris Burch, Shenzhen Capital Group

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Eric Gnock Fah
Co-Founder, Klook Travel
(up for Forbes Asia 30U30)
A cultural explorer and travel enthusiast, in 2014, Eric started Klook Travel, an online and mobile travel platform for booking a curated selection of tickets to attractions, tours and local transfers at exclusive rates throughout Asia. Klook, which now has 160 staffers, has clocked $100 million in annual revenues and millions of downloads and page views. In 2015, Klook raised $6.5 million in capital from Matrix Partners China, China Growth Capital and Francis Leung-Pak-To. Eric is a native of Mauritius, where he grew up speaking seven languages. He was educated in the U.S. on a full scholarship and started his career with Morgan Stanley investment banking in Hong Kong, specializing in advising consumer and travel companies in Asia.

Huang (Simon) Xiao
Co-Founder& CEO, Xberts, (up for Forbes Asia 30U30)
Xberts is a cross-border hardware marketplace reviewed and curated by a community of influencers and distributed through their social media network. Leveraging the power of crowdsourcing and social distribution, Xberts seeks to improve the relationships between China’s wholesale manufacturers and worldwide consumers. With Xberts, manufacturers can build a better brand image while consumers can buy quality hardware products from China at 60% lower cost.
Simon, based in Beijing and Silicon Valley, has led the team to grow to more than 1,200 Chinese manufacturing suppliers and 10,000+ influencers across 25 countries.   In 2016, Xberts received more than $1.3 Million from Y Combinator, Plug and Play Ventures, AV Capital, Hiro Mashita from m&s partners, and Albert Ni, an early employee at Dropbox. Xberts was the third Chinese startup accepted by Y Combinator.



  1. Skytree Digital
    Silver Yu, Director & CEO
    Skytree Digital is specialized in development of mobile applications, games, websites and IT consulting. It is staffed by a group of computer scientist and masters of art to serve consumers with cutting-edge technology and high-quality user experiences. Skytree is effective at translating the needs of business into robust and efficient software solutions. (Cyberport)
    2.  TeamNote HK
    Roy Law, CEO
    TeamNote is a mobile application designed for enterprises and developed specifically for mobile workforce communication and operational needs.  Using a mobile workforce tool, TeamNote helps corporations unleash the productivity of their mobile workflow and maximize their working efficiency. (Cyberport)
    3. TNG Asia
    Takis Wong, Chief Operation Officer
    TNG is a next generation e-wallet with integrated functionalities, including payment, fulfilment, P2P transfer, bill payment, coupon, ticketing and virtual membership cards. Since its launch in November 2015, TNG has become Hong Kong’s #1 e-Wallet, with more than 370,000 downloads and usage rate, comprising around 5% of Hong Kong’s population. (Cyberport)
    4EquitySim (up for Forbes Asia 30U30)
    Justin Ling, CEO & Co-founder
    EquitySim is making great strides in technological advancement with unique machine learning algorithms, and shifting the way recruiting is done in the finance industry. EquitySim services financial institutions, investment banks, asset management firms, and hedge funds, with clients that include Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Fidelity. (Blueprint)
    5. GoSkills
    Bhavneet Chahal, CEO, GoSkills (up for Forbes Asia 30U30)
    GoSkills creates personalized online courses for career advancement. It selects top instructors from around the world, and works with them to create customized content for GoSkills. The content is presented in short and engaging 3-5 minute videos, interactive quizzes, exercises and quick reference guides. Courses are tailored for the busy, working professional that wants to learn new skills, in order to keep up with the changing technologies and requirements of the workplace. GoSkills has reached $1 million in revenues and is bootstrapped. (Blueprint)
    6. Jobable (up for Forbes Asia 30U30)
    Richard Hanson, CEO
    Jobable is a Hong Kong-based recruitment technology company. It combines world-leading data science methodologies with deep expertise in recruitment to provide software solutions for recruitment agencies and corporates. Jobable has raised $900,000 in seed round from angels. (Blueprint)
    7.  E-SPOT 9
    Ricky Cheung, founder
    E-SPOT-9 is a Hong Kong based company focused on core technology and R&D in a specialty IoT field focused on better living. The company, originally funded by Cisco, was founded by a group of senior professionals from Wong’s Electronic, Philips Electronics, ASTRI and Traxon Technologies. Its products including an award-winning smart light bulb expand LED usage for security, elderly care, health care and RFID. (HKSTP)
    8. Auluxa
    Amar Dhillon, Co-founder & CEO (up for Forbes Asia 30U30)
    Auluxua is providing connected devices for the home on a subscription basis, and is in 20 residential pilot projects. Its hardware consists of a hub that enables control of, among other things, lighting, shades and air conditioning. Its software connects to Amazon Echo and other third party devices. Auluxa is funded internally. (TGN Global)
    9.     Kuaiwear Limited
    Carlos Marco Rider, CEO
    Kuai launched in 2014 as “the world’s first” multi-sport biometric headphones. The project was fully funded in Kickstarter. Kuai is a revolutionary headset that helps people train smarter, with professional voice coaching for many sports. The technology is covered by 30 patents and clinically validated by Duke University.  (TNG Global)
    10. Spincle
    Nicole Or, Co-founder & CMO (pitching)
    Tim Lo, Founder & CEO
    Spincle is a Hong Kong-based tech startup that makes a camera app to capture 360 video recorded by smartphone for sharing over social media. It records 3D content of both photos and videos. The team of programmers in image processing and UX design are focused on product development for VR lovers. (InvestHK)
    11. Living Tissues
    Daniel Chik, Founder, Living Tissues
    Living Tissues helps to repair cartilage damages caused by trauma or degeneration as in osteoarthritis. It use stem cells of the donor to grow tissues made into a plug that is then implanted into the patient to replace the damaged tissues. This procedure promises better results in less time than current surgery procedures. Living Tissues is a spin off from the Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the University of Hong Kong. (HKSTP)
    12. DME Microelectronics
    Philip Kwok, Co-founder
    DME is a fabless semiconductor company that provides powerful low cost Bluetooth Smart (low energy) single chip solutions for wireless applications. Its system-on-chip solutions are among the first to deliver the most advanced Bluetooth Smart v4.2 compliance. DME chips provide a low cost solution for applications such as keyboard, mouse, gamepad, remote toy control, proximity and security alert devices, anti-loss tags, beacons, remote TV control, and LED light control. (HKSTP)
    13. Trainerbot
    Alex Chen, Harrison Chen
    , Co-founders
    These two co-founder brothers from Taiwan got their start in robotics at an early age as computers and robotics engineers. They created portable robots that can be used for sports training and later moved into designing robotic arms and a self-driving robot, but their favorite remains the one for ping pong. Early this year, they raised a seed round of $100,000 from HAX Accelerator, and later had a successful campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, drawing $258,000. They’re now entering into production of Trainerbot. (Chinaccelerator)