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Understanding China’s Social E-commerce Giant
August 6, 2019

Strategy & Business
China’s Herd of Unicorns
August 1, 2019

Xinhua News
LA: sheds light on US-China tech, entertainment trends
July 29, 2019

Nikkei Business
Print only (in Japanese)
July 2019
China Daily
Decline in Chinese FDI Impacts Tech, Real Estate, Hollywood
July 27, 2019
Fall 2019 Announcements: Business & Economics Books
Bloomberg TV
Bloomberg Technology with Emily Chang
May 31, 2019
The New York Times
US-China Tech Ban: Silicon Valley Braces For Pain
May 31, 2019
BBC World Service
The New Technology Cold War
May 23, 2019
Voice of America
Pentagon’s Silicon Valley Outpost
May 25, 2019
US and China Superpower Race
May 15, 2019
SupChina Q&A: China’s Tech Scene
May 8, 2019
SupChina: China Tech’s New Normal
July 8, 2019
CGTN Interview: The Future of Smartphones
May 3, 2019
CGTN Interview: China’s Knowledge Economy
April 10, 2019
CGTN Interview: Haidilao IPO
September 26, 2018
CGTN Interview
September 14, 2018
Podcast: Inside Asia
September 5, 2018
Future of mobile, online video streaming and ride share in China
Nasdaq studio, June 2018, New York City

CES Asia In Shanghai
CGTN America, June 2018, New York City

China’s Livestreaming Market
CGTN America, May 2018, San Francisco

China Global Television Network, CES Asia Tech Trends, June 9, NYC
CCTV Global Business America, Chinese Smartphone Brands, Oct. 24, SF
HubCulture Interview, Rise of Innovative Chinese Entrepreneurs, Oct. 21, LA
CCTV Global Business America, Rapid Rise of Tencent, September 2, LA
CCTV Global Business America, Mobile Apps in China, August 19, SF
CCTV Global Business America, Express Delivery Services, June 14, SF
CCTV Global Business America, China’s Livestreaming Fad, April 20, SF
Intelligent Crowd TV, Silicon Dragon’s Journey, February 25, London
San Jose Mercury News, September 14
CCTV America, New York City, June 26
CTV News, Toronto, May 7
Thoughtful China, Shanghai, September 2013
CCTV BizAsia, Beijing, March 1, 2012
Times of India, February 25, 2012
November 16, 2011: Startup Asia Interview
Indian Management, January 2012
SME Magazine, Malaysia, January 2012
CPA Magazine, Singapore, January 2012
The Saigon Times, December 14, 2011: Startups in Vietnam are only micro-innovations
China Daily, Nov. 10, 2011
China’s Innovative Surge is Genuine
Channel News Asia Live AM!  November 16, 2011
Startup Asia: Top Strategies to Cash in on Asia’s Innovation Boom
VentureBeat, December 5,  2011
Can Asia Out-Innovate America?
CoolGlobalBiz, December 5, 2011
First-Mover Journalist
New York Times, December 5, 2011
Power in Numbers: China Aims for High-Tech Leadership
The Saigon Times, December 14, 2011
Startups in Vietnam are only micro-innovations
Channel News Asia Live AM! November 16, 2011
Business Standard, Indian Management, January 2012
SME Magazine, Malaysia, January 2012
CPA Magazine, Singapore, January 2012