Highlights – Silicon Dragon Salon NY 2017

panel, SDCI

Highlights – Silicon Dragon Salon NY 2017
with the China Institute
+ Reception + VIP Dinner at New Legend Sichuan restaurant with Chengdu Tourism
December 13, 2017
Photos: Silicon Dragon & Nina Kuo

Bike Sharing to Blockchain: Can China Really Go Global? 
From bike sharing to blockchain, can China really go global? It’s a question that’s facing China’s tech economy as more Chinese companies large and small do venture abroad. But as China moves forward, will China’s top down, heavy approach cause it to fall victim to its own regulations?
These questions were explored this past week at a 
Silicon Dragon salon in New York with the China Institute. Though big picture concerns and an oppressive caution in China are noticeable, the overall mood at this tech-centric event was festive and high energy.
A VIP dinner afterwards at New Legend restaurant highlighted how Chengdu is moving ahead as one of China’s tech capitals, though it’s best known among tourists for its pandas and tasty Sichuan cuisine.

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