Silicon Dragon Presents VC Award of 2016 to Xing Liu, Sequoia Capital China

xing liu winner 2  win, Xing, R w judges
Silicon Dragon presented its Annual Awards in Hong Kong, November 17, 2016.
Special thanks to Morrison & Foerster and KPMG as sponsors.

Here’s who won.
VC of the Year –  Xing Liu of Sequoia Capital China (above)
Founder of the Year – Eric Gnock Fah of Klook Travel
IPO of the Year –  51Talk
Best pitch – Justin Ling of EquitySim

Silicon Dragon judges (pictured above):
Jeffrey Chi, Vickers Venture; Edith Yeung, 500 Startups; Grace Yun Xia, Tencent;
Alan Chan, Vectr Ventures; with Anson Bailey, KPMG; Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon,
and VC winner Xing Lliu of Sequoia Capital China.

Klook, R  Justin, R win, 51 Talk award, w all


Irene, Simon Napolean, Eric 2
Tech Chats: Irene Chu, KPMG with Simon (Xiao) Huang, Xberts
Napolean Biggs, WebWednesday with Eric Gnock Fah, Klook Travel

scoring 3 scores judges Melissa q
Judges & Scoring: Grace Yun Xia, Rebecca Fannin, Melissa Guzy, Alan Chan, Jeffrey Chi

pitch, Justin, anson photo pitch, DME Micro pitch, spincle
 pitch GoSkills cropped pitch, Kuaiwear, cropped pitch w clock
Pitches: Elizabeth Wai, DME Micro; Nicole Or, Spincle;
Bhavneet Chahal, Cyberport; Carlos Marcos Rider, Kuaiwear, The Clock Countdown

Networking: Mattan Lurie, Ally Bridge Group; Tavis Moonan, Ping An; Edith Yeung, Tyovan Wigdagdo, Bahaso; Alex and Harrison Chen, Trainerbot; Anson Bailey, KPMG and judges, Gordon Yen, Radiant VC; Peter Woo, Avanta Investment with KPMG’s Irene Chu; David Diebold;
Jeffrey Chi

mattan, ping an Edith, R, Indonesia brothers
Anson silly shot Anson groupies Grace, Edith, R, Gordon
Peter Woo, Irene Chu Diebold cropped Jeffrey Chi crowd cropped networking cropped