Top 10 Predictions For China Tech And Venture Capital In 2019

cover_new, Silicon Dragon dragonI’m kicking off the new year 2019 with my list of Silicon Dragon predictions in venture and tech.
So here goes a few of my top picks. Read more at Forbes

Alibaba and Tencent will increasingly duel over major segments of the Chinese tech economy. The BAT companies are becoming the AT companies, though Baidu is shaking things up in artificial intelligence.

The TMD + X (Toutiao, Meituan, Didi and Xiaomi) will have a bigger impact in China’s digital world, and disrupt more sectors. Xiaomi will gain market share against Apple in China and Asia.  Meituan will angle deeper into Alibaba’s turf in e-commerce. News app Toutiao and video app TikTok will go mainstream in the West from China. Any IPO of ride-hailing leader Didi could be delayed until 2020 in wake of safety issues this past year.

Newcomers such as social commerce company Pinduoduo and digital content provider ByteDance will gain traction and compete with the more established net brands in China – think Tencent and Alibaba.

Chinese venture investment will hit new levels as the major funds begin to deploy the mega capital they raised in 2018. Southeast Asia will gain as a new venture target for promising companies.

China will continue to innovate within its own borders and surge ahead in artificial intelligence, electric vehicles and mobile communications, getting an edge on Silicon Valley.  China will cautiously invest in US tech as a regulatory crackdown kicks in and investment flows slow to a trickle.

China will make major progress toward its end goal of becoming a world-leading innovation power with its made in China 2015 policy and reform-driven initiatives.

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