Silicon Dragon Rocks CES 2020

Silicon Dragon CES 2020

Silicon Dragon Happy Hours Event at CES 2020 in Las Vegas, January 7.


Fireside Chats: Global Tech Titans
Tim Zanni, Partner, Global & US Technology Sector Lead, KPMG
Tim Danks, VP of Risk Management & Partner Relations, Huawei Technologies USA
Josh Fenn, Senior Marketing Manager & Chris Cheung, Product Manager, Facemoji, Baidu USA

KPMG’s Zanni covered some preliminary findings from the firm’s annual technology innovation survey.
He noted that New York City, Beijing and Tokyo scored exceptionally high as leading hubs while London, Shanghai and Taipei also factored in among the top 10 cities cited. New York City’s high placement was partly due to Amazon’s early decision to base some operations there, later withdrawn. Zanni further highlighted the domination of U.S. tech companies known as the FAANGs (also Chinese ones, the BAT +) and the impact of their size and scale. Besides mobile and cloud services as key technologies, he pointed to several others on the horizon — and already here to some degree —  such as AI, 5G and IoT.

Huawei’s Tim Danks spoke about the rise of innovative Chinese tech titans and their impact globally while also discussing the US-China tech cold war. Specifically about Huawei, he highlighted the company’s long-range strategic goals in the roll-out of 5G telecom, the development of its own smartphone operating system, and the next priorities geographically and technologically for Huawei.

Josh Fenn and Chris Cheung of Baidu honed in on the tech titan’s reach into international markets with branding efforts for entertainment and social media companies and advertising for China-based digital marketers looking to reach American markets. This Baidu global unit is even helping Hollywood producers such as Sony and Paramount Pictures promote their film releases with voice-activated keyboard apps for smartphones.

Hasan Gadjali, co-founder, Meridian Innovation, pinpointed the role of the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park as a catalyst for his startup’s success as a developer of low-cost thermal sensors primarily used for IoT devices and smart appliances in emerging markets. His company has raised $6 million in financing so far.

Rebecca Fannin, Founder, Silicon Dragon & Author, Tech Titans of China

Welcome Remarks: Policy Futurist
Dan Schwartz, Former State Treasurer, State of Nevada/Congressional candidate/former publisher, AVCJ
Schwartz is the force that kept Faraday Future from building its electric vehicle factory in Nevada due to the company’s cash crunch.