A Gap Rises Between The Two Superpowers In Venture Funds & Deals

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NEW DATA: 2 Superpowers?
It’s a study in contrasts. China venture capital nearly fell off the charts in 2019. But not the same for the US, where venture figures remained fairly stable. Here’s a first look at the numbers, China and US side by side.
Clearly, the tech cold war and Chinese economic slowdown is having its impact on China venture.
There was too much money chasing deals. Now, it could be too little money on the chase.
For more perspective on this topic, I’d recommend reading Tech Titans of China.
China VC Fund Raising
# of funds   Amount Raised in Billions
    2018  218  $32.9 B
   2019  81    $13.8 B
US VC Fund Raising
   2018  468   $40.5 B
   2019  386   $46 B
VC-Backed Deals In China
    2018  5356   $107 B
    2019  3348   $48.6 B
VC-Backed Deals in US
      2018  5656    $102.4 B
      2019  4633    $105.3 B
Source: Preqin