Silicon Dragon Awards 2016 – Pitch Contest

View pitches from the 10 startup founders who presented at Silicon Dragon Awards in Hong Kong, November 17.
Justin Ling of EquitySim took 1st place honors while Bhavneet Chahal of GoSkills won as runner-up.
Judging were Grace Yun Xia, Tencent; Jeffrey Chi, Vickers Venture; Melissa Guzy, Arbor Ventures; Alan Chan, Vectr Venture and Edith Yeung, Right Ventures and 500 Startups.
1. Skytree Digital
Silver Yu, Director & CEO
2. TeamNote HK
Roy Law, CEO
3. EquitySim
Justin Ling, CEO & Co-founder
4. GoSkills
Bhavneet Chahal, CEO, GoSkills
5. Jobable
Richard Hanson, CEO
6. Auluxa
Amar Dhillon, Co-founder & CEO
7.   Kuaiwear Limited
Carlos Marco Rider, CEO
8. Spincle
Nicole Or, Co-founder & CMO (pitching)
Tim Lo, Founder & CEO
9. DME Micro
Elizabeth Wai, Senior Manager (pitching)
Philip Kwok, Co-founder
10. Trainerbot
Alex Chen, (pitching) Harrison Chen, Co-founders