US-China Tech Strategies: The Big Debate

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Silicon Dragon Recap
US-China Tech Strategies
The Big Debate
September 8
David B.H. Denoon, director of the center for US-China Relations at New York University, is the editor of China’s Grand Strategy: A Roadmap to Global Power.
William J. Holstein, a business journalist once based in Hong Kong and Beijing, is the author most recently of A Grand Strategy: Countering China, Taming Technology, and Restoring the Media.
Didi Kirsten Tatlow, Senior Fellow, Asia Program, German Council on Foreign Relations in Berlin, is co-editor of China’s Quest for Foreign Technology: Beyond Espionage.
Moderator: Rebecca Fannin, founder, Silicon Dragon Ventures
Rebecca is the author of Tech Titans of China (2019) and Silicon Dragon (2008), and one of the first journalists to write about China’s entrepreneurial boom.
Four authors and editors of recent books discuss the technology tensions that have erupted in U.S.-Chinese relations. The United States and key allies appear determined to block the sale of key technologies, such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and to curb Huawei’s efforts to establish its 5G wireless technology as the global standard. China, for its part, has cracked down on its technology giants that listed on U.S. stock exchanges and displayed too much independence from the Chinese government and Communist Party. Beijing and Washington, DC also are at cross-hairs over data privacy, investment flows and cyber hacking efforts, among other issues.
How far will the technology tensions go? Can the United States enlist the support of its European and Asian allies? What will be the impact on overall innovation and China’s push for technology leadership?