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Silicon Dragon London 2017: Welcome by LSEG CEO

Nikhil Rathi, CEO of the London Stock Exchange and
Rebecca Fannin, Founder of Silicon Dragon, welcome a large crowd to Silicon Dragon’s 5th annual forum in London, held at LSEG on March 7.

Silicon Dragon London 2017: China-UK R&D Trends

R&D / innovation experts David Baghurst of Oxford University Innovation and Yunming Shao of TUS-S&T Service Co. with moderator Shivvy Jervis at Silicon Dragon’s annual event in London, held March 7 at LSEG.

Silicon Dragon London 2017: Innovation Catalysts

Innovation experts Jeff Cao of London & Partners, Mark Hedley of China-Britain Business Fusion, Shalini Khemka of E2Exchange; Christina Chen, Scalized; Claire Cockerton, Plexal; John Eade, Argus Research with moderator Shivvy Jervis.

Silicon Dragon London 2017: Focus on VR

VR pros Thomas Gere of Realities Centre; Richard Vincent of Fundamental VR; Paul Dowling of Dreamstake Ventures and Aurelien Simon of Digital Catapult at Silicon Dragon’s forum at the London Stock Exchange, March 7, 2017.

Silicon Dragon Israel 2017: Dealmakers Explore The Tech Triangle

Exploring the Tech Triangle of China, Israel, US: Avishai Silvershatz, Infinity Capital; Lior Simon, Arbor Ventures; Dan Clivner, Sidley; Yonatan Machao, JVP, Yoav Chelouche, Aviv Venture; Jeffrey Chi, Vickers Ventures, Yesha Sivan, Coller Institute of Venture with Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon

Silicon Dragon Israel 2017- Angels & Crowds

Silicon Dragon Israel 2017: Angel investors and crowd financiers explore the growth of alternative financing options for startups in Israel, China and other leading tech hubs.