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Silicon Dragon on Sand Hill Road 2012:
China Venture At A Crossroads: What's Next?         
The Promise of Silicon Global 
When: October 3, 2012, 5-9pm
Where: Rosewood Sand Hill



 See Event Videos:

Welcome, Diana Ding, Rebecca Fannin 

Tech Innovation Trends: Gary Matuszak, KPMG

Going Public or Private, or Make a Deal: David Chen, VanceInfo; David Lam, WestSummit Capital; David Williams, Williams Capital Advisors; Valerie Leung, Asia Alternatives, Moderator Eric Savitz, Forbes

Tech Chat: Bill Tai, CRV/Maxthon 

VC Pulse, China at the Crossroads, What's Next?: Feng Deng, Northern Light Venture Capital; Dixon Doll, DCM; Chuck Comey, Morrison & Foerster; Stuart Schonberger, CDH; Stella Jin, Keytone Ventures

Brazil Vs & China: Claudia Fan Munce, IBM Venture with Andy Tsao, SVB

A Dragon Enters the Yangtze (Alibaba): Porter Erisman, Taluswood Films




Audience snapshots: James Caldwell, E3 Regenesis Solutions, Eagle Yi, Tencent and Jonathan Lau, Temasek; Brewer Stone, Pacific Crest Securities; Magdalen Yum, Bank of America Merrill Lynch  



Panelists: Venture Pulse, Exit Options

Dixon Doll, Co-Founder and General Partner, DCM; Feng Deng, Founding Managing Director of Northern Light Venture Capital; Stella Jin, Partner, Keytone Ventures; Stuart Schonberger, Managing Director, CDH Investments; Melissa Ma, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Asia Alternatives; David Lam, Managing Director, WestSummit Capital; David Chen, Co-Founder, Vice Chairman and President, VanceInfo;  Chuck Comey, Partner, Morrison & Foerster; David Williams, Williams Capital Advisors



Tech and Market Chats  



Bill Tai, Charles River Ventures/Maxthon 

Claudia Fan Munce, Managing Director, IBM Venture Capital Group with Andy Tsao, Managing Director, SVB Global Private Equity Services

Gary Matuszak, Partner, Global Chair-TMT, KPMG with Silicon Dragon

Porter Erisman, Director, Crocodile in the Yangtze, former VP, Alibaba

Moderators: Eric Savitz, SF bureau chief, Forbes; MC: Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon


5PM Doors open

5:15 PM  Tech Innovation Trends: Gary Matuszak, KPMG with Silicon Dragon


5:30 PM Dealmaker Checkpoint: Going Public or Private, or M&A

David Lam, WestSummit Capital; David Chen, VanceInfo; Valerie Leung, Asia Alternatives;  David Williams, Williams Capital Advisors; Moderator: Eric Savitz, Forbes 

6:15 PM Tech Chat: Bill Tai, Maxthon with Silicon Dragon


6:30PM Venture Capital Pulse: China at the Crossroads, What’s Next?

Dixon Doll, DCM;  Feng Deng, Northern Light Venture Capital;  Stella Jin, Keytone Ventures; Stuart Schonberger, CDH

Chuck Comey, Morrison & Foerster


7:30PM Market Brief: Brazil and China: Claudia Fan Munce, IBM Venturewith Andy Tsao, SVB

7:45PM Past-times:  Porter Erisman, A Dragon Enters the Yangtze (Alibaba) 

8PM Cocktail Reception


MC: Rebecca Fannin, Silicon Dragon

Program Topics:
Survival of the fittest for China venture firms: an era of specialization
Where's the next homerun deal in China like Baidu or Tencent?
Outlook for venture investment returns
Brazil, Russia, India emerge as promising tech hotspots in a new Silicon Global 
China Innovation: Reality Check. A true rival to Silicon Valley? 
Going Public or Private: What's the Outlook for U.S. listings of Chinese companies?
Is the U.S. scaring off good Chinese companies from going public?
Do Chinese VCs have a role in the U.S. market?
Chinese tech brands start to go global, can they make it? 
What's ahead for Sino-US venture investment structures? 
Increasing consolidation among Chinese Internet and mobile startups
China's slowing economy and impact on startups and deal making 


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