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 Chinovation, 7-14: Hans Tung, Eric          Sizing Up Alibaba, 8-15: Nazar Yasin, David Williams
 Feng, Geoff Yang                                         Jay Eum  
Guest: Hans Tung, GGV Capital and Xiaomi investor 
Guests Tytus Michalski of Fresco Capital, Melissa Guzy of Arbor Ventures, Simon Squibb, Nest
October Show
Guests Brad Bao of Fosun, Hany Nada of GGV Capital and Yong Liu of SVTech
September Show
Interviews with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists featured in Startup Asia and Silicon Dragon books.
Plus, interviews with leaders in the private equity business in Asia:  
Huoy-Ming Yeh, SVB Capital China; Leon Ming, Ascendent Capital; Fred Hu, Primavera Capital;  Jenny Zeng,
Magic Stone Alternative Investment, Ludvig Nilsson, Jade Invest   Click to View, Beijing-March 2012, SuperReturn
"You gotta' get big fast"

Joe Chen tells about the challenges and rewards of building out his web 2.0 powerhouse, Renren. Click here for Silicon Dragon channel.

Nguyen Yuan Tai turned down a Google acquisition offer for his Vietnamese search engine and says he has no regrets. Click photo for Startup Asia channel.

Chetan Miani, the founder of Reva Car, at his plant and office on the outskirts of Bangalore. After hearing how fast and far Reva can go powered by electricity, it makes you wonder why anyone would buy a gas-powered vehicle. Click photo to start video.