Author: Rebecca Fannin

DisrupTV Dives Into My Author Journey to Silicon Heartland

On DisrupTV, fellow guests were Crawford Del Prete, President of IDC and Jon Reed, Cofounder at Diginomica. DisrupTV hosts Ray Wang and Vala Afshar dug out some never-before-heard comments about my road trip adventures and research for my new book Silicon Heartland: From Rust Belt to Tech Belt.

First Review Of Silicon Heartland Packs A Punch! 5 Stars on Amazon!

First review just in for my new book, and it packs a punch! Publishers Weekly Silicon Heartland: Transforming the Midwest from Rust Belt to Tech Belt “Journalist Rebecca A. Fannin delivers a spirited account of her road trip through the Midwest to survey the region’s tech-driven revitalization. The Rust Belt, she contends, ‘is making a comeback’...