Author: Rebecca Fannin

Bloomberg Interview: Assessing Rivalry Between US-China Tech Titans

August 10, 2020: Rebecca Fannin, founder of Silicon Dragon Ventures and author of “Tech Titans of China,” talks about the prospects for Beijing-based ByteDance Ltd.’s TikTok, the video-sharing app that the Trump administration has declared a national-security threat, and the rivalry between U.S. and Chinese technology companies.

Tech Titans of China Wins Silver Medal _ Best International Business Book

Good news! We have received word that Rebecca Fannin’s new book, Tech Titans of China, has won a Silver Medal for best international business book of 2020, presented by Axiom Business Book Awards. The four other books pictured left are by authors published by  Hachette’s Nicholas Brealey, Rebecca’s global publisher based in London and Boston.

US-China Tech Cold War Starves Some Silicon Valley Startups

Issues over national security threats and competition with China for future technology leadership are stopping the flow of China investment in US tech companies. Cross-border U.S.-China collaboration that has long fueled next-generation innovations is being stifled.

Keynote Talk: Brookings Institution

How China’s Tech Sector Is Challening The World By Innovating Faster, Working Harder & Going Global Talk by Rebecca A. Fannin Brookings Institution Washington, DC October 10, 2019 Based on her latest book, Tech Titans of China